How to choose lighting for different rooms in the house?

Lighting for the living room

By far one of the key rooms when it comes to lighting in the home is the living room. The design of good room lighting should always take into account the needs of the users – for the living room, a place for family and gathering with friends, this can mean lighting systems for reading, watching TV, and creating a romantic or welcoming environment. The choice of lighting for the living room should therefore include both strong points of light and subtle, directional lights.

In the living room, we can opt for pendant lamps, plafonds, wall sconces or standing lamps, depending on the size of the room and the arrangement of furniture. However, it is worth remembering that the living room lighting does not have to consist only of a light source on the ceiling. It is also worthwhile to introduce additional sources of point light, which will create a cozy mood and serve as lighting useful for reading or watching movies in the evening.

Lighting for the bedroom

Another room where lighting plays a key role is the bedroom. Although this place is mainly used for rest and relaxation, it is worth thinking about using different types of lighting. Ceiling lamps can serve as the main source of light, while bedside lamps will provide enough light for reading books or using mobile devices.

Above all, bedroom lighting should be comfortable to the eye. It’s a good idea to opt for warm-colored light that won’t irritate the eyes. Also, remember to provide adjustable light intensity, which will allow you to adjust it to different situations – from the need for a strong light when you wake up, to a soft, romantic light for the evening.

Lighting for the kitchen

The kitchen is a place in the house where lighting must first and foremost be practical. Good kitchen lighting allows you to prepare meals in a safe environment, and also makes spending time in the kitchen more enjoyable. Here, the optimal solution will be a combination of general light and spot lighting sources.

It is advisable to use bright white light in the kitchen. At the kitchen counter it is good to install spot lighting, which makes it easier to process and cook products. Also remember to properly illuminate the dining area – here, for example, stylish pendant lamps over the table will be perfect.

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