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Owning a home is the modern for everyone in the modern world. However, once you buy the home of your dreams, the renovation and remodeling tasks may not be a walk in the park. This is because every room is remodeled differently. Of all rooms, remodeling a modern kitchen deserves a standing ovation, being the busiest room of the house.

Technological advancement, industrialization and urbanization factors have revolutionized modern kitchen revamping tasks. Since most kitchens nowadays are multipurpose rooms, remodeling a residential kitchen depends on the kitchen’s other uses such as dining, food storage, entertaining and dishwashing.

Some kitchens also serve laundry purposes. Additionally, modern kitchen types vary from location to location and from one culture to the other. Renovating an office kitchen is also different from renovating a residential kitchen. Overall, modern kitchen designs encapsulate a culinary playground featuring auxiliary gadgets and tools.

So let’s look at the nitty-gritty of redesigning a kitchen with a modern design :

Exterior and interior decoration and painting

Given that there is never a second chance to give a good first impression, the exterior design of a contemporary kitchen should depict the glamour and splendor that befits modern homeowners. This includes the kitchen doors, windows and the exterior wall paint.

On the other side of the coin, the interior colors and surface finishing of the kitchen should match with the carpet and rug colors, furniture, fixtures and fittings as well as paintings that are contained in the room.

Generally, tangerine wall color is common in the kitchen interior walls to match with yellow green or charcoal grey colors that characterize a kitchen. Since most modern kitchens are based on fully-fledged architectural designs, hiring a professional painter will keep a “square peg in a round hole” situation at bay.

Carpets and rugs.

The carpet is the most important flooring facet of every room. For this reason, a kitchen carpet should create a soft earthily and natural environment which adds a brightly energized space to an ambiance of silent sophistication and quirky playfulness. Steam carpet cleaning will add color to the already good package.

Modern Kitchenware

Modern kitchenware can be categorized into cookware and bakeware. Cookware refers to the vessels that are used for cooking food while baking tasks are performed using bakeware. There are several types of cookware depending on the role and material. It is important to buy the kitchenware that you will need, depending on your favorite cuisine.

Saucepans, milk pans, saucepots, roasting and casserole pans, frying pan and spiders, stockpots, griddles or girdles, Dutch ovens and woks are a few examples of cookware that do not miss in a modern kitchen. Modern bakeware involves cake pans and tins, bread pans and cookie sheets, to mention but a few.

The material of kitchenware is of essence, because it entails safety and cost considerations. While clay, porcelain, stone, silicone or borosilicate glass are common non-metallic materials for cookware, anodized aluminum, Titanium, Copper, stainless steel, carbon coated steel, cast iron and Cast iron with a porcelain coating cookware can be chosen depending on the degree of heat conductivity, inertness, non-stickiness and dishwater safety.

designing a modern kitchen

Basic and specialty kitchen tools and knives

Cutting boards, knives, spoons and spatulas, kitchen shears, mixing bowls, strainers and measuring cups are some must-have kitchen tools. For basic kitchen tools, there are modern tools that perform a variety of tasks, such as cutting, dicing and grating. They are highly recommended because they cut down on the remodeling budget.

Once you have all basic tools, purchasing specialty tools such as vegetable peelers, zesters, tree-shaped cookie cutters and turkey basters will be ad added advantage. Bread, carving and paring knives will set yourmodern kitchen design into the right footing.

Kitchen appliances and accessories

Modern kitchen accessories include dishtowels, pitchers, pot racks, potholders and trashcans. The list is long. Major kitchen appliances include refrigerators, stoves and microwaves. The minor ones include range hoods, water dispensers and warming drawers. The color of the chosen appliances and accessories is worth noting because the right color scheme will give an inkling that beauty is at its best. Bar and counter stools are crucial comfort enhancers for cooks, as does pantry furniture and carts.

Kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets have been the kitchen decoration mantra for a long time now. For this reason, the material and finish style of a kitchen cabinet should be chosen wisely since it is a reflection of self. Depending on the budget, a person can buy laminate, wood, metal or frosted glass stock, semi-custom or custom made cabinets. Kitchen countertops supplement the visual appeal brought about by kitchen cabinets, especially if made of natural or engineered stone.

Kitchen arrangement and layout.

After acquiring all the afore-mentioned kitchen facets, they need to be stored appropriately. The stove, refrigerator and kitchen cabinets should be positioned strategically to ensure that there is enough working space. If the available space is not enough, kitchen islands may add a little space. On the same note, arrange cabinets and countertops to create single file, double file, L-kitchen, U kitchen or a block kitchen, depending on your taste and preference.

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Kitchen faucets and sinks

A running tap of hot or cold water is unavoidable in a kitchen. Consequently, a farmhouse sink will do, but trough, double or triple bowl sinks are at any homeowner’s disposal. Modern sinks come with additional features such as hand sprays and pot fillers.

Perhaps, the material of the sink is the most important aspect of a sink. Stainless steel sinks, quartz or natural stone sinks should be selected depending on their ability to match with the material and quality of the other fixtures and fittings. Single or double mount facets among other specifications are also available for one to choose from.

All said and done, a modern kitchen should be kept clean and orderly. Cleanliness is next to godliness or so they say. Additionally, proper lighting and ventilation will make food preparation a sweet piece of cake. If cooking is your piece of cake, you also need to repair or replace any non-working accessories and appliances. You may need to hire a professional plumber to fix any plumbing problems. Indeed, the modern kitchen design has had a significant impact on the overall décor of most modern homes.

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