How To Design Your Own Room

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How to Design a RoomHow to design your own room successfully will depend on planning and research, as that is the key to achieve the look that you wish to bring to your home . Decide the style you wish to implement:

  • Work out a budget
  • Select the colour tones you would like to have
  • What features that you wish to incorporate into the room:

Designing your own room allows you to express your individuality and surround yourself with design features that compliment your taste. Choose a room that you wish to design and understand the overall vibe that you want to convey.

To create a visually appealing room, consider the colour palate. There is nothing more appealing when you design a room and it is pulled together with the right colours. Soft neutral tones on the walls will allow you to dress the room up with the furnishings.

For furniture ideas, try browsing on- line for individual pieces that may suit the room. If you wish to have a casual relaxed style for a living room for example then individual chairs strategically positioned around the room might be acceptable. It’s important to keep a natural flow to the room by keeping walkways clear, so try not to clutter the space.

If designing a living room then it may be an idea to add a settee which will fold down into a bed for unexpected visitors. The use of bright scatter cushions will add character when you design your room.

Light plays an important part in enhancing the aesthetics of the room. If there is little or no natural light flowing into the room, then give careful consideration as to which type of lights will compliment your design. Different levels of lights create different moods.

Consider if dimmers for the lights may be appropriate for your room. If the room you have chosen to design is small then reflective lights and the addition of a mirror will give it a more spacious look.

How to design your own room with the appropriate flooring is another aspect that needs careful thought. Do you lay carpet in the room, use tiles or a timber floor with some rugs strategically placed? Floor to ceiling drapes will give height to a room. Perhaps your style would be complimented by blinds as an alternative. There is a wide variety of both drapes and blinds available on the market.

When selecting a rug for the floor, consider not only the colour but the texture of it. Solid and border rugs offer a more tailored look that is traditional and classic. Patterned rugs tend to overwhelm the design of the room. Shag rugs don’t wear well if the furniture pieces have wheels.

Adding finishing touches when you design your room, such as positing a floor lamp, or perhaps using that one painting that will pop and give you the wow factor that will enhance the overall design of the room. A pot plant will soften the overall look when you design your room.

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