5 Tips for How to Design a Kitchen

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design a kitchenWhen deciding to design a kitchen, there are a few factors that need to be considered so that the end product results in a practical functioning kitchen. Maximize the space and have water saving and energy efficient appliances.

Kitchen Shape

The shape of the room will dictate the style of the kitchen. There are several different designs that are used. U- Shaped, L- shaped, Galley or Island shape. Decide which works best for the style of the home and proceed from there. It’s important not to have any obstruction to the flow of the room, there needs to be a workable area between the sink, stove and refrigerator.

The idea of an island bench in the kitchen may not be practical, as most island benches are around 4 feet long and no more than 2 feet deep, that don’t allow much space for storage in them. However they may be suitable to use as a breakfast bar.


It is important to work within a budget when you design a kitchen as it is a room that is more expensive to outfit that any other room in the home. Research the cost of the appliances that you wish to have in the kitchen so that you know just how much designing a kitchen will actually cost. Set the budget and try and stay within that amount.


Choosing the appliances when designing a kitchen is a personal preference. The cooking appliances maybe electric or gas with the oven mounted on the wall and the cook top on the bench or perhaps it would be just as practical to have a standalone stove. Be sure to provide a space for the microwave oven.

Sinks vary in size and shape from square, round and to double bowl. It may be practical to include a garbage disposal unit as well when installing the sink. Most modern day kitchens also have a dishwasher installed. Taps come in mixer or goose-neck styles.


If the design of the kitchen allows, then a walk in pantry is an ideal storage facility. Have u-shaped shelves that are not very wide at eye level so that food items get rotated instead of being pushed to the back. Larger shelves on top and below will allow ample room for some appliances that aren’t used as often as others, as well as a storage area for larger pots and pans, freeing up space in the kitchen cupboards.

Large deep draws are the trend in modern kitchens. Install an appliance corner cupboard to house the coffee maker, toaster, food processor etc. Have a power point installed in the recess so that it’s ready to use at any time. Handles for the draws and cupboards should not have sharp edges to them or grooves as that will allow food particles to lodge in them. Stainless steel handles are the most practical handles to use.

When you design a kitchen consideration should be given to the bench tops. There are several choices available. From timber, granite or laminate, and there are a variety of color tones. Marry the bench tops with the color of the cupboards to give an ascetically pleasing kitchen. It is important to have colours that won’t date; white and cream cupboards seem to be the tones most favored in a modern kitchen design.


It is important to have appropriate lighting above the work area in a kitchen. A task light above the stove is also a practical idea. The choice of pendant lights or some fluorescent lights is a matter of personal preference in the design of a kitchen.

Take the time to design a kitchen that is appropriate for your lifestyle and it will function well for you for a long time.

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