How to buy and match Kitchen Cabinet Handles

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Kitchen Cabinet HandlesKitchen cabinets handles may seem like just mundane hardware but with hundred of styles to choose from, they will dress up your kitchen cabinets any way you want. Selecting the right style to suit your kitchen may not be as easy as it seems, as some handles just don’t function as well as others.

There are basically two types of handles, knobs and pulls :


Are attached to a drawer or door with just one screw and are usually round in shape, no sharp edges to contend with.


Otherwise called handles, on the other hand have two screws. The height of a cabinet pull is the distance that it projects out from the cabinet. The longer the pull the easier it is to pull out the drawer and there is  more room for fingers. This is an important factor for the infirmed and people with arthritic hands.

When purchasing new cabinet handles consider the ascetic look they will give to the overall look of the kitchen cabinets and drawers.  Some styles changes of handles might just give the kitchen a new refreshed look.

So which one is it ?

Knobs versus Pulls.

Consider the practicalities of both. Knobs are harder to grasp and pull because they utilise finger strength to clutch the knob so that it may be pulled. Cabinet pulls allow more finger room thus making it easier to use. How a knob or pull feels in you hand is important.

Size matters as the smaller the knob or pull the harder it is to use. Always keep in mind that both knobs and pulls will get dirty over time in a kitchen so when considering a purchase keep in mind about the ease of cleaning. Intricate designs may be harder to clean and pulls with sharp points can be dangerous.

The finishing on knobs and pulls vary over time depending on the material used in the manufacturing of them. Be aware that brass cabinet handles will tarnish and oil rubbed bronze will rub and wear to reveal a different colour over time.

Picking kitchen cabinet handles

Obviously when purchasing kitchen cabinet handles on-line it is difficult to get the feel of them as you can’t judge how they will feel in your hand. The most effective way to counteract that problem is to view the styles in a hardware outlet, so that visually you know what they will look like and how they will feel.

Check the price, it may be more cost effective to purchase them from the local hardware outlet or perhaps it will be  cheaper on-line.

Matching the cabinet handles to compliment the style of the kitchen is important. Browse through the selection on display and choose contemporary ones if that is the style of your kitchen. Metallic ones may suit the new bench top that you have refaced. Wrought iron or pewter will achieve a colonial or country look.

If you wish to have some styles that create some fun in the room choose novelty ones, only be mindful of the ability of that sort to present a health hazard. Remember comfort and practicality should be paramount in a kitchen.

 You will find a large selection of kitchen cabinet handles at Walmart, Lowes, Target and Home Depot, however it would be an excellent idea to take a colour swatch of your kitchen cabinets and any fabric that is being used in the room to give you a perfect match.

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