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Botrytis Treatment

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Geranium attacked bu botrytis

Flowers are one of beautiful plant. They have various kinds, shapes, smells, and colors. It must be something beautiful to have them in your garden. Planting the flower in your garden is little bit different than planting another plant. You have to be careful to some disease that could be attack your flowers. Of course, there are several diseases which must be faced by the flower gardeners. One of the cruel diseases you have to prevent is botrytis. Botrytis or Botrytis bunch rot (BBR) is a complex disease. You really need to prevent it attacks your beautiful flowers. If the botrytis is already attacked your flowers, you have to do some botrytis treatment soon to safe your flowers.

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Fuzzy grayish brown appear at the leaves

You can to do some preventing actions so the botrytis treatment is not needed. However, preventing the botrytis is better than do treatment on it. The easiest way is, do not plant the flower which can be attacked by botrytis easily. They are roses, geranium, poinsettia, cyclamen, and peonies. But if you love them and you are going to plant them in your garden, spray them with organic sulfur powder in morning or evening. Pay more attention to your flower when spring and fall are coming. In those seasons, botrytis is starting to attack your flower.

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Fuzzy grayish brown appear at the flowers

It is better if you do the botrytis treatment soon after you recognize the symptoms of the botrytis. There are several sign of botrytis you can recognize. You have to beware when you find fuzzy grayish brown appear at the foliage and flowers. The leaves start to discolor or there are spot in the leaves, wilting, and then the leaves are drop. The blossoms attacked by the botrytis when they are ready to open. That’s why the flower buds are failed to open. It also cause the flower buds perish. If you find these conditions at your flower garden, you have to choose and prepare for the treatment.

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Flower is perish

You can choose several botrytis treatments and apply them. First alternative, you have to apply the fungicide. When you looking for this fungicides, you need to ensure that the fungicide contains these active ingredients : fludioxonil, chlorothalonil, myclobutani, and fenhexamid. If you use greenhouse, you can increase the temperature when sunset comes. By increasing the temperature of greenhouse, condensation in the leaves can be dried. The flowers that show the symptoms of botrytis must be isolated from the greenhouse.

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Several kinds of fungicides

The basic reason why botrytis treatment is needed soon is because botrytis can spread to the healthy plants too. The spores are develop quickly and it could be attack your whole garden in couple days. So you have to remove all the perish flower buds and the spotted leaves. But first, your pruning shear must be sterilized using alcohol and make sure the spore of the botrytis that may stay in your pruning shear or hand are not touch the other plant or the other part of the plant. You have to remove all the drop leaves from the ground to prevent spores spread at the other plant.


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Spray Fungicides


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