4 Factors that will Influence your Bathroom Remodel Project

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bathroom remodelAre you thinking Of A Bathroom Remodel? You need to consider all the factors first.  One of the most used rooms in any household is the bathroom. Having such a high number of visitors per day, your bathroom needs to be comfortable, modern, and functional with all the latest amenities and fixtures. Before you undertake your bathroom remodel project, you must first understand the factors that will determine the whole remodeling process.

4 Factors That Influence Bathroom Remodel

1. Project’s Budget.

Always a big one, you should come up with a financial plan depending on what you want to do (i.e. what you want to install, remove, replace, in the bathroom). One mistake people do is not budgeting enough money for the remodeling project. This results in disaster when money runs out and the bathroom is only half finished.

Also, you need to undertake a project that you can wholly finance. If a complete remodel is not possible due to your financial position, consider remodeling one small aspect of the bathroom. Planning your resources is only way to make sure your remodel project is successful.

2. Materials To Be Used.

Two factors determine which kind of materials will be used for the remodeling project i.e. your preferences and cost of the materials. You can choose the color and type of material you want for your floors, walls, sink, countertops, etc. Even if you do hire a contractor, you still have veto power over what material is used to transform your bathroom.

However, be flexible and ready to comprise because of the cost of materials. Certain materials and finishes are expensive and you might be forced to take an alternative material e.g. use porcelain tiles instead of expensive travertine marble. If costs are not an issue, then wholly rely on your preferences to select the type of material used in the remodel project.

3. What Design Do You Want?

The whole purpose of bathroom remodel is to create a design you are comfortable with. Rely on your vision of what you want your bathroom to look like. You might want a simple, well-illuminated bathroom with an all white and clean look. You might want a creatively chic bathroom that looks like a mini professional spa.

If you are working with a contractor, ensure that they understand your “creative vision” of what you expect the final results to be. ‘Why spend all this time and money to remodel and end up with something totally different from what you wanted?’

4. Scale Of The Project.

You may only want to remodel the shower/ bathtub area, or change the sink and other fixtures in the bathroom. Alternatively, you may want to tackle the bathroom floor and walls, or do something to the ceiling and lighting fixtures. A bathroom remodel does not necessarily mean taking a wrecking ball to everything inside the bathroom.

You must decide if you want a complete overhaul, or “a targeted attack” on certain areas of the bathroom. The scope of the project is very important. A surface level remodel minimizes costs since you are merely “changing the look” rather than doing a complete replacement of everything.

Others are totally tired of their worn down bathroom setting, thus, tearing down everything to the bare four walls, floor and ceiling is what they would prefer. If this is the case, planning every detail and finding the right remodel contractor is of paramount importance. When done correctly, you will have a bathroom to be proud of and even increase the overall value of your home.

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